Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. (unknown)

Max Lucado wrote a book called When God Whispers Your Name. The line that hit me the most was “Faith is trusting what the eye cannot see! ”


When you think about faith, it is often linked to the Supreme Being, Higher Power, God. That is the BIG FAITH! But, I think some people still have a difficult time grasping the concept of faith.

Lets think about the radio. On the radio dial, you will see numbers such as FM 91.1 or AM 1168. You don’t see the actual frequency that these numbers or channels represent, but you trust that when you dial into that station you will hear your favorite country or jazz music. That could be considered faith.

When you go to a restaurant and order a meal. Your waiter leaves your table and you expect he/she will return with your desired order matching your requests. That could be considered faith.

Your teenager is about to walk out the door and you say, “see you back here by 10pm.” That could be considered faith.

A possibility or desire you can’t see with your eyes, but you trust will happen, is considered faith.


Next time you are troubled or in a tight spot, take that first step and trust that everything will happen as it is suppose to happen. Believe in your Higher Power, your Maker, your Creator, The Force, God. Have faith and trust.

Reverend Val

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  1. Trust is an important first step when it comes to faith or relationships for that matter. In fact, it might be the most important step, and the most difficult to attain. Faith is trusting what the eye cannot see is a great quote. It kind of reminds me of the agnostic approach, where one does not claim to know that God exists, he or she just believes that God exists. You’ve enlightened me to take that first step in trusting that everything happens for a reason, well done!

    • Pentrental, you have really understood this writing well. Yes, everything happens for a reason.

      Trusting that all is going exactly as it should is not an easy concept for some. But holding that trust will release the stress our ego pushes on us. 

      I love your comment regarding the agnostic approach, where one does not claim to know that God exists, he or she just believes that God exists. This would make a very interesting discussion one day.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit today. I have enjoyed the conversation.

      Blessings and Inspirations my friend,

      Rev. Val

  2. Faith is a beautiful thing. When I understood that faith is knowing that God is with me no matter what happens, I have been in peace. The kind of peace that nothing can destroy. I can be shaken or worried sometimes but I will remember that God is with me. And with a simple prayer, I will leave all my burden to Him and be in peace.

    So, for me, Faith is believing that God is with me no matter the circumstances. He will provide and guide me by His love.


    • Adyns68, It is a beautiful thing to undertand that faith is knowing that God is with you no matter what happens.

      Of course when good things happen, we are fine. Faith is easy then.  But when bad things occur, we can become angry with God and faith fades from our hearts.

      You are in a wonderful spot as you know that God is with you no matter what the circumstances. 

      Thank you for sharing your story with me and all who read this post. Your belief and trust in God is the answer, for taking the first step in faith is trusting. You are there.


      Rev. Val

  3. Rev Val, Your review was short and to the point; and was indeed engaging. You did not say much but it was enough to get your point across, and it is true that everyday we live by faith.

    We could also look at faith from the point of being an online marketer; you may have 10 years or only 2 day experience, it all boils down to your faith that you could be successful in working online. 

    I conclude with a verse from the Bible, “faith without work is dead”. saying this to say, a lot of people have only their faith and expect to reap reward. Fill my spirit is depicting someone of faith but who is putting some work into receiving the desired reward.  



    • Mazie D,

      You are right on when you share that “faith without work is dead”. Very true that people must take action and add that to their belief that life will present itself in the manner to which they desire. God gives us the tools to work with.

      I appreciate your comments and feel blessed that you were inspired to l read my post.

      Many blessing to you.

      Rev. Val

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