Have you ever reached the point in your life when you are wondering “Why Me Lord?” Has it come to wanting to shout, “IT’S TOO MUCH!”


I believe each person is faced with challenges that make us feel overwhelmed. Perhaps we are always having accidents, or maybe having to care for an elderly parent 24/7. Maybe you are a young divorced person with small children to raise on your own. Car accidents can cause crippling injuries. Unemployment, no housing, broken relationships can all bring us to our knees in tears and frustrations.

It happens, something happens, to everyone. Our worlds come crashing down around our feet. You may even ask, “What more can happen?” And, unfortunately, when you ask such a question, you are actually inviting more. The Universal Law of Attraction is all about getting what we ask for. If you ask ” What more can happen?”, then the Universe is likely to show you exactly what more can happen! It is a snowball effect.


Here is the question of the day! Why me Lord? Why am I the one who is plagued with accidents, illness, disrespectful kids, financial problems, unemployment, difficult relationships etc? Well, I have an answer for your. Why not?!!!

Oh I know it is not a laughing matter. You are under so much stress, that you are about to lose your mind. You don’t think you can take one more thing, right? One more thing and you are over the edge and gone. This I understand as I was walking in your shoes not too long ago.

Others have their stories and I’d like to share a couple of them here:

Sheri told me she has been mentally ill since fourteen and Anorexic all those years. She has know depression. ” I have walked down a path with this deadly mental illness. I know rape and physical abuse. I have experienced it all.” I want to encourage each one of you. Be strong there is hope for you. Many of you may have walked in my shoes as a victim of childhood rape and physical abuse. Recovery from Anorexia is not easy. I did it and so can you.”


Jess tells me: “I wonder if my experience and turmoil and trauma all filled a ‘tool box’ equipped with ways’ to help other. I don’t know. But you’re not alone. I’m not alone.. I’m sure you have some great qualities that could be of use to someone else.”



When I came back from Vietnam, I was really messed up mentally, just as so many of our service members are who faced the shock of war at very young ages. At the time PTSD was just an idea forming in the minds of the professional counselors’ dealing with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

Coming back from war, I was dealing with the regret of survival because all my friends did not come home with me. With this stress, I seemed to be facing more than the usual incidents of accidents and illness. Finances were tough because of my many injuries and layoffs. No heat or proper plumbing for my family in an un-insulated house. Definitely not the kind of life I wanted to give my family, so more guilt.

Our struggles were real and many times I asked my counselors’ at the VA that very question, “WHY ME LORD?” Why was I having to deal with so many negative times in my life. Why all the suffering and distress? It’s too much!

Finally, a very wise person gave me the answer I needed to hear. I finally had the epiphany I needed to turn my life around and find I was given the strength to understand I was not alone.


Apparently God Thinks I am a Bad Ass!

If God thinks I am strong enough to handle these struggles, then by golly, I am! I’ll be the BAD ASS he believes I am and I will show others that I can handle it all.


You may not know it, but when you handle your struggles with determination and in a positive manner, you are a HUGE Influencer to those who are watching. You are sending the message that if you can do it, then maybe, they can do it also.

Everyone needs a hero and in many cases, we are heroes to others just by the grace of which we handle difficult situations. You never know who is watching. You never know who you are inspiring or who is gathering strength as you carry your burdens.


People who are struggling sometimes see no end in sight. It might be financial stress, which is one of many ways’ anxiety can take a major toll on a person’s mental health. It could be a story such as Sheri’s or the unfortunate suffering of PTSD due to a trauma caused by war or physical abuse. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, accidents, terminal illness, broken relationships, bullying, substance abuse, divorce, or death of a loved one are all struggles we have to face.

When you think “It’s too much. Why Me Lord?” remember that God only gives you what you can handle and… God thinks you are a BAD ASS! You are tough enough to handle it. Be the inspiration he expects you to be. You are HIS instrument in teaching others to be strong. Think about what Jess said. Fill a ‘tool box equipped with ways’ to help others.

You are not alone, your struggles are not dissimilar to others. Someone is there to inspire you with their story. Inspire others with the way you handle your story. Someone is always watching. You are an Instrument of God. You are part of HIS tool box.

If you are so inclined to share your own stories of survival, please leave a note in comments. You can inspire others with your strength.

Blessings to you ,

Reverend Val


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8 thoughts on “IT’S TOO MUCH – WHY ME LORD”

  1. I have to say this is an awesome well thought out and put together post.  I can say that I have had small issues in my life but never the struggle that war veterans have had with PTSD.  I can’t imagine that at all because I was never in the military I chose not to do that and become a plumber.  I thank you and everyone who has served for me and our country.  

    As far as having issues I am going through a financial struggle right now that I hope can come back from.  I have been off of work for the last ten weeks with no income and I make double the amount of money my wife would so needless to say she is my hero for picking up extra shifts and working her butt off.  I can say that I feel like it is to much at times put this post has put it to me straight that we can handle it and will get through it all.  Thank you and good luck to you in the future and remember God does love us all and blesses us with everything we need in life to get through all of the struggles and the happy times.  Thank you very much


    • Douglas, Thank you for recognizing me and all those who serve their country. The struggles veterans have with PTSD is widespread and so misunderstood by the masses. It is good to know we have supporters.

      Though you may think your issues are small, in your world, they are great. Financial struggles can bring your world crashing down. What a blessing you have in your Wife. How she steps up to the challenge is exactly what I was talking about when I said “God only give us what we can handle.” 

      You will get through it all and your survival will inspire all those who face similar issues. You have everything and God is with you always.


      Rev. Val

  2. With me it’s anxiety – sometimes things just get too much for me – and sometimes it can be the simplest thing.

    I remember I could make myself go to a really good friend’s wedding because of my anxiety.  It just paralysed me.

    With anxiety sometimes even manageable things just seem so overwhelming.  I manage it ok most of the time and most people don’t even realise the extent of my anxiety.  But when it’s bad it’s bad – I remember when I had an attack at work and my boss just told me to snap out of it, that was about the least helpful thing to say, I knew in my mind that it wasn’t rational, but that didn’t stop the attack.

    I don’t know how badass anxiety is – it sure doesn’t seem like it when it’s happening.

    Thanks for the wise words.

    • Rob, thank you so much for sharing. There are so many people out there who experience the same paralyzing effects as you. Anxiety can cause such fear and loneliness. 

      Unfortunately, your boss has no idea or sensitivity to you regarding your attacks. That is too bad, but perhaps because he sees you dealing with anxiety he will become more informed and with that you will have done a great job of educating. 

      Bad Ass is definitely what you are! Believe it. God gives you the strength to deal with each attack. There are those watching who will see your strength. Even those reading this will be reassured that they are not alone. You are an instrument and a hero. Remember to trust in your faith and hope will come from that. 


      Rev. Val 

  3. hello Val;
    Job 2: 6-10 This is one of the biblical passages that supported me in the test that I am currently going through; exactly 6 months ago that I was a victim of a traffic accident that caused me a triple fracture of the tibia-fibula, I was operated on and a centro-medullary nail was placed in my leg, the complications quickly appeared and I had to undergo 3 other interventions to avoid an amputation, today I’m on crutches and despite all the difficulties that I face I thank the Lord every day for his love and support .

    • Moi MOl, thank you for sharing your story. What you have endured is so horrific and yet so inspiring. Others are watching to see how you handle your struggle. You are indeed an inspiration to those who struggle in life. 

      I can see that you are bearing the burden of pain everyday with the Lord as your support. 

      Blessings my friend,

      Rev. Val

  4. Overall a well done article. I also like that you not only have what others have shared but something personal to you as well (PTSD), I feel this helps make you someone to trust. I have found that people need to trust you in order to continue to read what you have written. I know that this is a subject that not a lot of people want to talk about but it is good to get it out there. Not only that but realizing that you need to take a brake or just take some ‘me time’ is a healthy thing to do.

    We all have problems and issues (some more than others) and having a place where people can talk and express them is important. I personally am a first responder and see my share of crazy stuff. I do what I can to not take it home but lets be real. I recently started talking with others about it and my past experiences. I found that others struggle with the same things, how crazy is that? Growing up is a crazy story but I was raised by my mom, then recently I went through a divorce. I decided that I would not keep everything inside (as most of us do) and instead talked about it. Yesterday I got a call and talked with a coworker about how to file and get things started. Without realizing it I became a resource and shoulder to lean on. These are all things we must go through in life, sadly, and I will say without having my faith I’m not totally sure where I would be. OK, sorry about that, now back to your article.

    I agree with what you were talking about and was hoping you were going to include the fact that God only gives us what we can handle. Which is different for everyone. This is such an important thing to know and remind ourselves about. I have been saying it for years and it is very important to know and understand.

    • Being a First Responder has to carry a lot of stress. I know how hard it is to leave those experiences at the door once you head home. I appreciate your past experiences and think it is a good thing that you are able to talk to others  and not keep it inside. 

      And you are correct, keeping it inside is what most of us do. That is why we think our struggles are greater than anyone else in the world. Unfortunately, it is not the case. 

      What a blessing it is for you to understand that you can be a resource and someone to lean on. God is definitely working through you. 

      Thank you so much for sharing. Even now, you are an inspiration to someone. It is a ripple effect. Blessings to you.

      Rev. Val

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