How important is having hope? In my experiences I have come to understand that everyone has their ups and downs. Often, you may think you are the only one dealing with this feeling of hopelessness or lack of worth.

You may be thinking “Why Me Lord?,” or “Does Anything I Do Really Matter?” I am here to tell you, “YES!” YOU DO MATTER AND YOUR ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE! Have Hope In Your Heart and know your worth.


You can begin to understand things a bit by knowing there are Universal Laws that govern our existence. There is always a front and a back, a left and a right, inside/outside, up/down, negative/positive, good/evil…. it is a coupling of our existence and our way of being.

It is the balance of life. I feel if you can understand this concept, this universal law, it may help you look past your current situation and know there is something opposite of what is going on right now. Just look for it as it is there.

Don’t be fooled by the dark curtain of fear. It is only there to stop you in your tracks and hold you back. As long as you know about this Universal Law of Opposites, you can break through that curtain and find the sunshine on the other side!


Hope and hopelessness are like twins looking out different windows. They coexist as a matter of universal law while being at opposite ends of the spectrum. And… having one or the other is definitely a powerful experience in our status of being human.

Expectations of family, friends, co-workers, teachers, employers, society, and cultural belief systems all have a dynamic impact of our personal view of who we are. This in turn, ultimately, cause us to have feelings of either hope or hopelessness at some point in our lives. To some degree, hopelessness seems to have a stronger impact on our views of self.

These feelings of hope and hopelessness are intimate and complex and individual to each of us. The dynamics of these emotions rest in our perception of who we are, the foundation of our spirit and the strength of our being.


” Without hope, life is meaningless. Without hope, life is meaning less and less.” ~Author Unknown

Think of a bag of marbles held snugly inside a clear plastic bag. Each marble has a sparkle and color that captures your eye. You twirl the bag and marvel at the beautiful prism of colors as they dance in the light. Such a pretty bag of marbles!

Now, think about that little marble in the middle. No one can see it. No one even knows that it is there. That little marble might be thinking (if it could think) “Does it even matter that I am here. Does anyone even care that I am here? Would anyone even notice if I was gone?”

Go ahead and pull that little marble out of the middle of the bag, that insignificant, little marble that no one can see. Pull it right out of the bag and see which one of the other marbles isn’t affected by its absence.

Each marble in that bag has to shift as you remove the small, insignificant, unseen marble from that clear plastic bag. Every single marble in that bag has a new position and now there is another unseen marble in the middle of them all.

Does that make the marble in the middle any less important than the marbles that can be seen? Of course not. Each marble has a place in that bag and each marble supports the others. That original little marble in the middle of the bag was holding all the others together in place so they could sparkle and shine! It’s job was paramount to the others.

If you can understand that you are an important thread or marble in your world, then there is hope in your heart. You have a place in the world that plays a very important role. Everyone you touch, whether you realize it or not, feels your presence and you are the marble that holds the universal picture together.


“Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier. “~Author Unknown

It has been said before me, that faith grows out of trials endured. Difficult times bring insecurities and lost feelings of

our importance or our place in the world. These trials may be brought on by illness, depression, anxiety, abuse, or even the death of a relationship or job. And it is true, these life struggles may take us to a place where it is just too much work to even hope.

George Iles says that hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark. Remember that having faith is believing in something you can’t see with your eyes; so, if you hold your hand out in hope, reaching for that possibility of change, you are turning faith into hope. They work together at all times.

With faith and hope you will understand that you are worthy of a better situation. Once you know you deserve something better, you can understand that better is coming your way. And once you believe this you are believing in yourself once again. You DO matter. Your very presence in this world has a tremendous effect those around. How you handle yourself in difficult situations will leave an impression on others, whether you know it or not.


Feeling unappreciated or “unseen” leads to hopelessness. However, the hopeless situation you are seeing now, does have another side to it. That is the Universal Law of Opposites.

Remember the story about the “BAG OF MARBLES“. Then, like the twins, switch windows, see the other side of possibilities and feel hope.

Hope is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –and sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all….

~Emily Dickinson, c.1861

I wish for each of you a peace that gives you hope in your heart for you are worth it!

Reverend Val

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  1. I really appreciate such an uplifting post, thank you. Life throws lots of curve balls. knowing that others have the same troubles is comforting. In this way, communication becomes important. If someone is having really serious troubles, say with substances or mental issues, intervention may be necessary. I feel that these really troubled people have lost their sense of hope, and it’s important to try and uplift them from time to time, just like you’ve done so well in this post. Thanks again for such a positive message!

    • Pentrental,

      Thank you for your comments. I agree. Those with substance or mental issues have lost hope. They are lost and need that helping hand to regain hope and to know how valued they really are.

      For you to have this insight, I believe that you are someone who is full of compassion and can generate such hope.

      Always keep life positive and show those around you that having hope in your heart leads to self-worth.

      Blessing my friend,

      Rev. Val

  2. Fear and hopelessness can be a huge detractor for an individual.  I’m still working on my fear of online engagement.  I don’t know what it is, but there is a gripping fear, when you speak in front of strangers and I personally believe it’s worse when it’s people you know. 

      I recently wrote a blog about social media fear and how I didn’t want to alert my friends and family to my online business until it takes off.  Family usually wants to help you, but they can interfere unknowingly, forcing you to doubt yourself.  I refuse to ever let that happen again and I have what I think is a good idea, I don’t tell my family and proceed.  

    When I have faith in myself, I never fail

    • Ibrahim,  Fear is very gripping! Knowing that you have a good idea and believing in yourself is what it takes to move through that curtain of fear. 

      I understand how family and friends can sabotage our dreams. Their intentions are good, but they cast negativity our way hoping to keep us from hurting ourselves. They think they are helping, but often they are taking away our hope.

      The fact that you are moving forward with your online engagements by writing is proof that you have faith in your idea. With your HOPE, you know you can do it. Knowing your personal WORTH gives you the courage to succeed.

      Many blessings,

      Rev. Val

  3. In my personal opinion and experience, hope is something that we need in our lives in order to keep going on and also to gain motivation. You just can’t let yourself down and that’s it. 

     I am a person that ha dealt with some tough issues but there’s always a lot of people that make me realize what’s my worth and that I’m not alone so if someone is reading this I got to tell you: YOU’ ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK, just think about all the people you interact with, they don’t really know you, but I can assure you that if you look for help, there’s always someone that is decided to give you a hand.

    • Alan, 

      You are so correct. “YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK.”  Your experiences do touch everyone around you. Too often we don’t see that, but it happens all the time. 

      Believing in yourself is your HOPE and having this hope is what keeps you motivated. Well chosen words, Alan.

      Thank you for sharing your story and feelings. I appreciate your comments and have been inspired by your words as well.

      Blessing to you,

      Rev. Val

  4. Thank you very much for your inspirational post. I love your marble story. Right now, I am in the process of starting my online business. It is hard in all aspects. It is particularly difficult to make money at this stage of my business. Just like the marble in the middle of the bag, no one can see and no one knows my business. Does it even matter that I am here and work hard daily to move my business forward. Yes, I must present in the business to demonstrate my presence and work hard to catch the shine opportunities. If I, the middle marble, work tirelessly, one day I am going to shine.

    Hope is important for everyone. There is hope, there is life, there is chance to win.

    It is kind of you sharing the inspirational message, which is a dose of encouragement for me to fight for the success of my online business.

    • Anthony Hu,

      I am so please that you found my words inspiring. “The Bag of Marbles” is my original work and I love sharing it with others as it fits for everyone. 

      No matter what our position, we are impacting all those around us with our support and efforts. Even when they don’t see it, we are there doing what needs to be done.

      You have such a great attitude. Your online business is hard work, and I  know that the long hours you put into it with intent is going to reap great rewards. Don’t give up. You will indeed shine!

      You said, “Hope is important for everyone. There is hope, there is life, there is chance to win.”  This is a great statement of positive energy. You are amazing!


      Rev. Val

  5. Wow! This is a brilliant piece if writing and I surely enjoyed every bits of it.  Hope is a powerful tool in the life of anyone who has it. It has a way of tweaking our minds towards positivity even in the midst of negativity. I personally love the analogy of the marble that you made use of. I see it that every man must identify their self worth first, and learn to appreciate themselves even if it appears no one is paying cognisance to them, that doesn’t make them any less valuable. I really adore this post. Thanks 

    • RoDarrick, Thank you for sharing how this post affected your life!  

      Hope is indeed a very powerful tool. In the dark of negativity many of us can get lost. Hope reaches out and holds our hand so we can find the positive light and move forward in our lives. 

      The “Bag of Marbles” is my original thought and my way to explain to everyone how important they really are, even when it seems no one is paying attention. We touch so many people.

      Blessings my friend.

      Rev. Val

  6. This is very inspiring to me personally. I myself have struggled with depression and the hopelessness that comes with it. It’s always helpful to have someone break down what it means to have hope and faith when it seems like there’s none to be had. That marble analogy is an interesting take on how we can affect the lives of others, even in our absence. Thank you for writing this.


    • Drake, I truly appreciate your words. I hope, indeed, that you will remember this post when you are feeling down. You will never be alone and your significance in this life touches everyone you come in contact with. 

      Remember how amazing you are. I am happy that my “Bag of Marbles” helped you understand. And, even when the marble is pulled from the middle of the bag, it’s presence is always remembered. 

      Never give up hope my friend. There is always a hand reaching out for you. That little marble was so important that someone chose it to take and use in another way. It’s purpose is great!

      Rev. Val

  7. Dear Reverend,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring article! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    Universal Law of Opposites is an eye-opener for me and it gave me new glasses to wear, through which I am able to see this world differently, of course with great positivity and hope.

    The example you gave with the bag of marbles is awesome and I got great insights. I am planning to share this with my Sunday class students and with my church youth group.

    Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1

    This was very insightful!


    • Paul, I am so please that you found this post to be inspiring. And Thank You for taking the time to comment. It is the only way for me to know I am reaching, touching, and inspiring those I hope to help with my words. 

      I am excited that you will share “The Bag Of Marbles” with your Sunday Class!  This is my original thought and I believe everyone can relate to it. No one is insignificant…. never. We all matter and have a purpose. 

      Blessings to you.

      Rev.. Val

  8. Thank you that was very up lifting. I always say if you dont have faith, then you dont have anything.
    I really enjoyed the way you broke faith and hope down so I could better understand it. I think you are writing Great Content and you never know how you might affect that one person who is hopeless and on the edge of their life. You motivate others. Job well Done!!!!
    Much Success ahead for you my Friend!
    Thank you

    • Laurie, Knowing that my content inspired you has made my day.
      The intention is to motivate others who are feeling lost or insignificant. If I can help someone who has lost faith, then life will be better for all of us.
      I appreciate your kind words. You are so correct when you say, “if you don’t have faith, then you don’t have anything.
      My Blessings to you,
      Rev. Val

  9. Thank you, Reverend. Hope starts it all to me. Hope grows to faith and faith grows to trust. I am human. It takes a while for me to develop trust, but as long as I have hope, I am still alive.
    I also suffer from depression which in times I feel I have no hope. Everything looks bad to me. I have learned to get my journal out and start a gratitude list. That brings my hope back. Because I am a grateful person. Thank you again and take care


    • Melissa, you are so right when you say that Hope starts it all. It is definitely the seed that grows faith. And I love that you carry that thought to trust. Trust is exactly what Faith is. Believing in what we can’t see!

      You are one of the millions who suffer from depression at times. It comes into all our lives at some point. It is a good place to use our hope, faith, and trust. Your gratitude list in your journal is a very healthy way of overcoming this challenge.

      I send you many blessings and appreciate your time here with me.

      Reverend Val

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