“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.”

Have you ever felt that all was lost and you no longer held your belief in your:

  • Relationships,
  • Jobs,
  • Children,
  • Parents,
  • Possibilities
  • Humanity

  • (Fill In The Blank)

Each of you have different expectations in life. When you hit that rough spot, what is it that gets your through the pain and suffering of your disappointment? What is the core of your strength? Perhaps faith, do you have it?


It has been written that faith is a prerequisite for hope and love. Faith is really verty simple. It is a belief in something that is greater than yourself. This something you will recognize as your Higher Power. Some will title this greater power as God, The Universe, Spirit, The Force, Creator, Lord or some other name; however, it is your Higher Power and you hold a Faith in it, believing that your Higher Power is always there and with you. Without your Higher Power, there is no hope and there is no love. Faith makes it all possible.


When you have faith, you give your control to your Higher Power. Some say, “Everything is happening just as it should.” You hear “Let Go, Let God.” Having faith can release you from your worries, giving you a feeling of peace while knowing that your life has purpose.

This does not mean that you go through life without responsibility. Understanding how the world and society works is a responsibility. Making some hard decisions is your responsibility. But, when you come to difficult times, your faith will be the strength that you need to overcome. Knowing that through the hard times, you have something to lean on and something you trust to get your through your challenge.

With faith, you drop your worries and you trust.


When you talk about your ego, you are defining your sense of self. There is nothing wrong in feeling confident and sure of yourself, but pride and arrogance step in very quickly. Your ego wants control. Ego can be thought of as the negative aspect of our being. Everything has an up and down, a front and back, a left and right, a negative and a positive.

Faith is the essence of humility and the opposite of ego. What exactly does that mean? Faith is positive, ego is negative. In faith, we give up control to our Higher Power, trusting and believing that all things will be as they should. In ego, we try to manipulate how things turn out. We fight others to reach the top, to get what we want. Ego creates stress, unpleasant situations, hurt feelings, and many challenges.

Ego is about self and less about Spirituality. When dealing with faith, we are humble, knowing we are not the ones in control. And, it is important to know that in faith, we then find hope and love.


When we learn how other people have succeeded, we are encouraged that we can triumph as well.

Sarah married very young. Her son was born healthy and beautiful while Sarah was still 18 years old. Being young, Sarah expected her life to be the way she wanted. She demanded more than her young husband could provide. Her ego danced through the house calling for new furniture, better clothes, expensive jewelry. She saw her new husband as a weak man and told him daily of his failings as a provider. The relationship ended in disappointment for Sarah as she and her son took out on their own.

The journey Sarah and her son took was filled with struggle and her plan to make it all better was to find a rich man who was established and could take proper care of her and her son. Again, her ego was manipulating the situation and taking control. Unfortunately, what looked so good on the outside was ugly on the inside. Sarah and her son lived eight years in an abusive and sick environment.

It has been said, “God moves in mysterious ways,” and so it was in Sarah’s life. She had turned her back on religion years earlier, she was angry that her life was not as she designed. In her attempt to control and manipulate things, she lost control and became the victim of abuse. Life just seemed to get worse everyday.

Worn and exhausted from control, she reached out to her Higher Power and finally felt a ray of hope. Her hope brought her back to faith. A simple prayer, “I can’t do this alone anymore,” brought possibilities and a way out of her challenge. Everything began to happen as it should and Sarah and her son were released from the binds of an abusive relationship.

The journey was not easy. It was filled with fear, but with each frightening moment, Sarah relied on her Higher Power to guide her. She repeated her mantra of “Let Go, Let God,” allowing her Higher Power to have control now. She released her ego and trusted.

Today, Sarah’s son is grown and successful. Sarah, herself, is retired from a fulfilling teaching career where she assisted troubled youth in becoming whole again. Sarah has faith, hope, and love in her life. You can also have these things!


It is good to have faith. It can be faith in your God, the Universe, humanity or yourself. When you have faith you have the ability to let things happen as they will without worry and concern.

Will you still have ego? Yes, at times. But with faith there is a peace knowing you don’t have to work so hard at making things happen. Everything happens as it should if you Let Go and Let God. Have faith when you begin to question, things will work out!

Reverend Val

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